5 reasons to work with us

what makes us unique

Holistic approach

We advise and support you all around - from analysis and strategy to communication and success monitoring. With our 360° view. 

External support

We support you flexibly and externally. Project-related, through workshops or in your day-to-day business. Virtual and yet very close.

Sustainable approach

Sustainable concepts are becoming increasingly important in marketing. We are particularly committed to No. 12 of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Responsible Consumption and Production. Successful business is our goal - always in harmony with social and ecological aspects.

Respectful cooperation

A cooperative working style and honest communication with you are fundamental to us. We are always respectful and always approachable.

Positive energy

We carry marketing in our hearts and are optimists. We prefer to work in a committed and cheerful manner. We look forward to meeting you.

Two marketing experts

How we think and how we work

Inga Janzen

Master's degree in International Business & Marketing and certified Online Marketing Manager.

I love the diversity of the B2B marketing landscape. Whether analytical or creative, strategic or operational, in marketing I can apply my strengths in all directions.

I have 10+ years of B2B marketing experience in the

• Development of marketing strategies

• Organisation and execution of events

• Development of online marketing concepts

• Organization of workshops - online or on site

A strong marketing strategy...

... is based on a well-grounded positioning. It shows the vision, addresses customers personally and highlights the benefits of the company. It develops a clear user promise and a marketing plan that defines: what marketing tools should we use? How do we achieve our goals? How do we bring our strategy to life??

How I work:

Passionate and focused. I am fast, but accurate - because I don't like making mistakes. I work in a solution-oriented way and focus on benefit and value. I communicate clearly and directly. And I find it everywhere: the positive message.

Sandra Hölscher

Graduate businesswoman and an expert in strategic marketing. 

My focus with every task is on the why and the wherefore. Since my first experiences in agencies and B2B companies I want to understand the background and the goals. Only then I move to implementation. Curiosity paired with creativity and conceptual skills determine my way of working.

Good marketing is...

clear, comprehensible and value-adding. This applies to research and content alike.

For 20 years I am approaching B2B marketing holistically. This is the only way marketing makes sense to me. With a plan and an eye for the bigger picture, I always have it clearly in mind: The marketing strategy.

What I bring with me:

Many years of corporate experience in strategy, marketing research, business unit development and KPI tracking enrich my perspective. As a marketing director in the industry, I have also led numerous creative projects from classic event management to communication measures and branding. 

The mixture of structure and creativity characterises my career. To me this is not a contradiction, but a perfect addition.